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Door Vegconomist:

Vegan Today and Diervriendelijk Nederland, in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, Beyond Meat, Vivera, Alpro, Willicroft, and other top vegan brands, organised the 7th edition of the Annual Plant-based BBQ in the House of Parliament in The Hague, offering politicians an opportunity to taste the best vegan foods in the Netherlands

Both organisers declared the event delivered a clear message: the future is vegan.

The Netherlands is known for the progressive work done by its plant-based brands and the high consumer demand for animal-free options. The politicians at the event sampled planet- and animal-friendly versions of traditional foods like hamburgers, chicken, beef, salmon, calamari, shrimp, cheese, milk, desserts, and sweet treats, offered by Dutch brands.

Maryen van Castro and Matthijs den Hollander of Vegan Today, commented: “The future is plant-based. That is our message to the world. And the best way to convince people is to let them taste it. The barbeque was a great opportunity to talk to everybody who has the power to set things in motion in the good direction.”

Diervriendelijk Nederland’s CEO, Adrie van Steijn, said: “Just like Bill Gates who tasted the Beyond Burger and exclaimed ‘I am tasting the future!’ we have shown our guests in this 7th edition of our Parliament BBQ what easy solutions for hard problems are just within reach for them and what decisions they can make to give it a go.”

At the end of the event, Vegan Today provided every guest with a vegan box containing more than 25 samples of the most delicious foods made by the best brands in the market, according to the organisers.

The 2023 edition of the Annual Parliament BBQ is already on the cards, said Vegan Today to vegconomist. “Plant-based products are growing at an enormous speed; it’s an inspiring, fantastic, unstoppable movement. Next year we will work again with a dream team of innovative brands and pioneers to show the Dutch government how to lead the world into a new era of agricultural and food leadership worldwide.”